Coopersville Farm Museum

& Event Center

 Mission Statement


~ Inspiring memories of yesterday ~


~ Serving our community today ~


~ Preserving stories for tomorrow ~

Facility Use ~ Special Events


The Coopersville Farm Museum is prepared to host special events, family get togethers, wedding receptions, and parties or gatherings from 10 to 150 people.  Please call or email us for facility use rates and details.  Stop by anytime for a quick walk through.  Kitchen, tables, chairs, and more available. 

Mission Statement

~Inspiring memories of yesterday~

~Serving community today~

~Preserving stories for tomorrow~


The Coopersville Farm Museum

is registered as a

501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Built in 2001, the Coopersville Farm Museum & Event Center is designed around dynamic, changing themes which express the nature of rural, agricultural and farm life. As expressed by founder, Ed Hanenburg, who dedicated the museum to honor his father and mother, Peter & Coral Hanenburg…

“...We perceive our building (which Ed & Nancy Hanenburg donated in 2005) as a stage on which the scenery and players change regularly. We are convinced that is the best way to serve the community and the region as a cultural institution.”

The Hanenburg Family’s support is also seen through the Coopersville Area Community Foundation where a percentage of the Ed and Nancy Hanenburg Fund is donated to the Coopersville Farm Museum each year to help cover approximately 50% of operations. The doors are kept open through admissions, memberships, fundraisers, grants, and donations by people like you and the Hanenburg family.



To make a donation through the Coopersville Area Community Foundation please designate it to go to the Coopersville Farm Museum Fund. Your support helps insure that the Farm Museum will continue to serve both visitors and the community with an ever-changing and engaging venue for many years to come.


Mail donations to:

Coopersville Area Community Foundation

182 East Street, Room 112

Coopersville, MI 49404



  • A member of Coopersville Farm Museum staff will work with you to help you set up your event as desired.
  • Private parties, groups, or organizations are required to provide liability insurance to cover their event.
  • Basic Facility Use fees covers three hours of use, plus an hour for set up. Additional fees apply beyond that. Set up may be done during regular business hours at no additional charge.
  • 6’ or 8’ Banquet tables & chairs are included in Facility Use fee, based on availability.
  • Our kitchen is available for your use at no extra charge, however it is not a commercial kitchen and may not be used to prepare food, only to serve food out of.
  • If tours, demonstrations, activities, or crafts are desired, please make arrangements when scheduling your event.     Fees may apply.
  • Any alcohol brought into the facility must be distributed by a licensed bartending service OR by museum staff. Fees apply.
  • All laws pertaining to alcohol in the State of Michigan must be followed. Persons consuming alcohol must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Client is expected to leave the museum “as found” the same day/night as the event - with exception of the floors.
  • If the “Kid’s Area” is used, an adult must be with children at all times and area must be picked up before leaving.
  • Members receive a $50 discount on any Facility Use fee of $200 or more
  • All services are subject to change without notice


Small Group and/or Tours

8 - 30 people. This does not include any special set up. ($100 minimum when museum is closed to the public)


per person

School Groups/Youth Rate

Minimum of 10 youth. This does not include any special set up or activities. One teacher/adult & one driver receives complimentary admission per 10 youth. (add $1 per person per craft or extra activity)


per person

Open House Style

Use of entire museum for an unspecified number of guests for up to 3 hours of use. Client is responsible for set up/clean up.


Basic Facility Use

Fees are based on set up for 31-120 people. Includes set up by museum staff and exclusive use of entire museum for up to 3 hours. ($200 minimum fee) Client does clean up.


per person

Additional hours (over 3) for Small Group

8 - 30 people


per hour

Additional hours (over 3) for Open House or Basic Facility Use



per hour

Cash Bar (if available)

This fee covers the required bond and licensing from the State of Michigan, as permitted, and includes bartending services by Coopersville Farm Museum as a fundraiser. Includes all supplies and services for up to 3 hours. Additional hours $100 per hour.


Hosted Bar (no sale of alcohol)

Client provides all liability coverage, supplies, alcohol, mixes, garnishes, cups, ice, napkins, etc. Coopersville Farm Museum provides 1 bartender per 50 guests for up to 3 hours. Tips not included. $50 per hour for additional hours.


Deposit to hold date required












Coffee Station

Serves 60 people, regular and decaf coffee


Punch Bowl Service serves up to 100


Table Coverings (per table)

As available...white plastic for 6’ or 8’ tables. Cloth table coverings available for rounds in 2 designs (floral or red/white check only)


Round Tables (rental per table, as available)







Bottled Water per person


Assorted canned soda per person




Sound System and/or projector

Includes projector, screen, microphone, speakers, and soundboard with paid Facility Use



Paper Products per place-setting


Real plates & silverware per place-setting





Kid’s Area

Arrangements must be made in advance* to use the Kid’s Area. An adult from your group must remain with children at all times OR *$25 per hour for attendant


Train Operation or Rope Making (1 hour)


Live Music per hour


Craft or Face Painting for Children 10 and under (per hour/per activity)












Reserve the museum for your company Christmas Party!

Rates for facility use are based on the following:  day of the week, number of hours of use, number of people attending, type of set up required, and special services requested.  Please contact the staff of the Coopersville Farm Museum for details. 

Do you have an idea for a community event?  Talk to Museum Director, Lee Ann Proia. 

Would you like to volunteer to help at an event?  Be sure to call the museum today!